We build the wealth we value to our customers.

To become world-renowned construction owners who meet international standards.


  • Creative and supportive team – We will set an example of continually learning and developing corporation that pursues the culture of an organic team and promotes creativity.
  • Innovation technology – We will work towards obtaining, introducing and domesticating the world’s leading technologies and will this a cornerstone of our competitiveness.
  • Highly ethical business – We carry our operations diligently, fairly and in strict compliance with the laws of Mongolia and approach others with integrity.
  • Social responsibility – We will be a testable leader for social cause and make positive changes. We are a company that can serve an example of environmentally friendly business.
  • Continued improvement – We will always assess our business, identify errors and potential risks, and seek more effective solutions.

Leader Buyant Holding LLC has worked with an aim to implement quality control standards. Currently in order to meet ISO standards, we have produced performance parameters and measurements, and we give necessary guidelines to our works in each area. In last several years we have successfully worked on projects which are renowned in Mongolia’s construction sector.

Creative, amicable team
We will be an organization with an organic team culture and set an example on how to encourage productive work attitude

Innovative technology
We will actively embrace and localize world class technology and make it the core of our competitiveness.

High business ethics
We will operate adhering to laws of Mongolia and value honesty and fairness.

Social responsibility
We will work toward the well-being of the society and be environmentally friendly.

Constant improvement
We will always evaluate our own work, detect our mistakes and flaws and search for better solutions.